Fears, phobias and bad habits

So many people have fears or phobias of things that stop them from achieving the simplest of tasks. Our imaginations are so very powerful that we can truly become stuck and unable to move forwards. Visits to the dentist can be missed or rely upon heavy sedation, learning to drive never happens as the process has become too daunting, spiders and other insects requiring a full evacuation of the room or even house. These can all be processed and resolved through hypnosis. Equally nail biting, bruxism, and smoking can meet their end with the full commitment of both client and therapist.

Anxiety, stress and depression

Sometimes life can feel out of synch and our worries and fears can seem all encompassing. Life can feel like a treadmill as opposed to a journey and we can sink into a funk that we start to fear we will be unable to emerge from. Hypnotherapy has tools to fully examine why this is happening, what the mind is believing and what patterns from our past or our present are blocking our abilities to find happiness and contentment.

It would be naïve to believe that our past truly ever remains completely in our past. Past experiences are triggered by everyday occurrences as we go through our lives. We cannot change what has happened in our past but we can change the way we relate to it, the way we think and feel about it and thus the control it has over our current health and happiness.

A strong working relationship between the client and hypnotherapist using trance work, mindfulness and cognitive therapy can bring a client through anxiety, loss, stress or depression to find confident, happier ways of living. 

Fertility and Hypnobirthing

Studies have proven that those couples using hypnotherapy alongside their IVF have more success. This is due to the mind-body connection which is vital for fertility. 

Being fertile and conceiving is a delicate dance between both mind and body and the mind has a hugely powerful influence on conception. Negativity in emotions, thoughts and behaviour can lead to anxiety and depression and this in turn leads to diminished odds of conceiving. 

Infertility and unexplained secondary infertility are common and there are many medical paths that a woman can take in trying to resolve these issues. However, negativity, anxiety and a fixed mindset are of no benefit on this journey.

Hypnosis can remove anxiety and inner conflict, alter focus to more positive activities and clear emotional blocks. It is a positive therapy for addressing past experiences such as a difficult previous labour, abortion or miscarriage and importantly it can boost confidence in the woman’s ability to conceive and birth her child.
Whatever stage you are at, whatever you are currently going through, be aware that you are not alone. We are here to chat through what is happening and to give you positive mental tools to move forwards and to thoroughly support you in your fertility journey.

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'A friend suggested talking to Melanie and her positive attitude persuaded me (usually a sceptic to 'alternative therapies') that hypnotherapy was worth a try.  I saw Melanie for two sessions and the transformation is amazing - I consider myself cured.' - Alex, Battersea