A typical session will start with a good chat about yourself and your goals and objectives. You will be encouraged to talk in depth about problems that you may have been encountering so that the therapist fully understands what has been happening and what you wish to achieve. 

Any questions that you have about the process can be talked through and a full medical, family and background questionnaire will be run through.

You will then be invited to get comfy on either a couch or relaxing chair and the induction part of the therapy can begin. This is the process that takes you safely from normal waking consciousness into the hypnotic state. Once you are deeply relaxed positive suggestions will be made that will be accepted by your subconscious mind. Depending upon the situation differing therapies may be used. You may remain quiet and reflective or you may actively work with the therapist nodding or talking to let them know what is happening. 

The therapist will emerge you when the work is complete bringing you back to a full state of awareness. Once ready you will be encouraged to talk through your experience and discuss aspects of the therapy. The session finishes usually with some homework for the client, this can involve practicing self-hypnosis, keeping a diary or an activity schedule or acknowledging a house spider if need be!

What is experienced in the session will differ from person to person and the amount of sessions required will differ depending upon the presenting issue. It would be very unlikely to see a hypnotherapist more than 5 or 6 times though, unless the treatment is for fertility, and many issues can be resolved in just one or two visits. Each session is usually 1 hour in length.

"Thank you so much for all your help & guidance, your positive encouragement during our sessions made all the difference and I thought of what you had said in my training a lot. You understood and helped me let go of my fears and for that I will be forever grateful! " - Georgie, Battersea