Most women grow up believing that they will automatically have children when the time is right for them. So, if this does not happen it becomes quite a shock. Well meaning friends and family may hinder this journey more than help by suggesting that you 'Just relax', 'Stop thinking about it so much', 'Take a holiday'...'Just adopt'. This understandably can leave you feeling sad, lonely, anxious or irritable. It is estimated that 72.4 million women globally experience fertility problems, so if you are struggling then be aware that you are not alone.

So how can hypnosis help?

Firstly there are many physical reasons for infertility and many medical paths a women can take in resolving these issues but it has been proven that hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatment (BBC News), this is due to the powerful mind / body connection and how our thoughts can truly affect our bodies.

Hypnosis for fertility can be used in two ways: Firstly for unexplained infertility, where all your physical tests have come back clear and secondly to assist alongside Assisted Reproductive Technology. In both cases we work upon deep relaxation, positivity, imagery and visualisation techniques as stress hormones disrupt the usual menstrual cycle. This helps to reduce levels of prolactin which can raise as anxiety about infertility increases. Prolactin suppresses ovulation and this becomes a vicious cycle.

We then rebuild faith in the women's ability to conceive and work upon visualising and removing blocks within the reproductive system. Many of the women I see for unexplained infertility have just lost faith in their own body's ability to create a baby.

Hypnosis truly can help with fertility issues whether you have just started trying for your baby or have been trying for some time. If you would like to have a chat to see how I can assist you on your fertility journey then please contact me and I will get right back to you.